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I am professional certified guide in Lviv and around Western Ukraine

Welcome to Lviv and Ukraine.

Hello, I am really happy to be a professional sightseeing guide in Lviv and and Western Ukraine
for longer than 22 years.
I am experienced both in regular sightseeing tours and rather specific ones, such as birdwatching, craft or food tours.
There are few ways to explore Ukraine. The cheapest one is just to use Wikipedia or to read a guide book.
It is safe in terms of COVID, but is boring.
I recommend to order real or on-line tour around Lviv with me as a guide. You may use any video communicator as Whatsup, Viber, Telegram, Messenger, Zoom or Skype.
So, you will be absolutely safe and nobody will require any MASK or to KEEP a DISTANCE.
When COVID stress is over, you will be welcome to come and enjoy taste of real, not virtual sightseeing. #online_sightseeing_in_Lviv#guide_in_Lviv#alex_guide#oleksandr_ruchko#remote_sightseeing#remote_tour#remote_guide_in_Lviv
#professional_guide_in_Lviv #birdwatching_Ukraine#Galician_roots#sightseeing_for_disabled

Me and real guide Me and unvisible man In the Carpathians